Ceramics, collectibles, and home decor

                Ceramics have a distinctive charm of their own. Sections 17 and 19 are lined with numerous stall offering ceramic works of various styles. There are items for home decoration, ceramic dolls, mobiles and tableware (plates, bowls and cups). These items come in a variety of designs and colors. All of them are eye-catching.

                A wholesale market is held on Friday. A number of products are sold at reasonable prices during the occasion.

                Sections 2 to 4 stock some fascinating collectibles.  Some are usual products of the old days, multicolored enamel wares for example. Others include popular memorabilia such as Coca Cola or Pepsi glasses, cans, can openers, pressed cap, etc.

                These items are on display in multitude at the Dream Section. Even latest fad such as McDonald memorabilia can be has here.

                It is no exaggeration to say that this area has anything you need for your house, ranging from pillows, blankets, towels to household items of all kinds.

                Performers of the Thai classical music always head here when they need a new instrument because Chatuchak market is where a widest selection of instruments for Thai classical music and folk music is stashed.

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