The Phaholyothin entrance is essentially a botanical garden, where all things green-flowering or ornamental plants, fruit trees or herbal shrubs-are available. Plant enthusiasts can alo find gardening tools, fertilizer, in secticide or pots of various designs in sections 1, 2 and 3.

                The narrow pavement around these areas is flanked by a colourful carpet of countless plants. Some produce bright, dazzling blooms such as orchids,  roses,  jasmine,  jankrajang fah, khun nai tuen sai or crown of thorn.

                Farmers also bring fruit trees – mangoes, poomelos, jackfruits, or guava-for sale at bargain prices. Occasionally, one may come across such rare plants as the scented jan kra phor or herbal rang jued on display here.

                If you fancy cacti, this is the place to go. Chatuchak has to offer a myriad of the plant, in every size, shape and colour imaginable.

                A bonus for bargain seekers, On Wednesdays and Thursdays, the area in front of the administration center and along the inner road around Chatuchak market are dedicated to plants which farmers bring in for sale by themselves. These fresh cuts and direct-from-the-garden brambles are usually really good bargains.
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